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Transmission of assets (inheritance) outside a PEA

Every fifteen years, donations are eligible for the following (4) allowances:

  • EUR 100,000 (per parent and per child) if given to the children or to the parents,
  • EUR 80,724 if given between spouse and between partners in a civil partnership,
  • EUR 15,932 if given between brothers and sisters,
  • EUR 7,967 if given to nephews and nieces,
  • EUR 31,865 if given by grandparents to their grandchildren,
  • EUR 5,310 if given by great-grandparents to their great-grandchildren.


Physically or mentally disabled persons qualify for an additional allowance of EUR 159,325.


In the case of a gift of securities resulting from stock options after the lock-in period, the donor is liable for tax on the gain on exercising the option (however, this measure applies only to options granted after 20 June 2007).


If a tax deferral related to securities transferred for no consideration (donation or inheritance), the deferred capital gain is exempt from tax.


(4) In addition to these allowances, gifts of sums of money to a child, grandchild or great-grandchild, or if there are no such descendants, to a nephew or niece or, by representation, a grand-nephew or grand-niece (if there are several grand-nephews and grand-nieces, the amount of the allowance is split among them), are exempt from gift duties up to a maximum of EUR 31,865, provided that the donor is less than 80 years of age on the date of the donation and the beneficiary is an adult or an emancipated minor.