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Key figures

  • Earnings and dividend per share
    Earnings per share (1)6.215.736.056.005.14
    Net book value per share (2)79.074.7 (*)75.173.9070.95
    Net dividend per share3.10 (3)
    Pay-out ratio (in %) (4)50.03 (3)52.7350.045.045.0
    SHARE PRICE     
    High (5)53.8168.6668.8962.0061.00
    Low (5)38.1438.1854.6835.2743.14
    CAC 40 Index on 31st December5 978,064 730.695 312.564 862.314 637.06


    (1) Based on the average number of shares outstanding during the fiscal year.
    (2) Before dividends. Revaluated net assets based on the number of shares outstanding at year-end.
    (3) Subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting of 19 May 2020.
    (4) Dividend distribution recommended at the Annual General Meeting expressed as a percentage of net income attributable to equity holders.
    (5) Registered during trading.

      * Impact of the first-time application of the new IFRS 9 accounting standard on shareholders’ equity: 2.5 billion euros, i.e. €2 per share.

  • Activities (in millions of euros)
    Total assets2,164,7132,040,8361,960,2522,076,9591,994,193
    Customer deposits834,667796,548766,890765,953700,309
    Customer loans gross805,777765,871727,675712,233682,497
    Common stockholders'
    equity (1)
    Total capital ratio15.5%15,0%14.8%14.5%13.6%
    Tier 1 capital ratio13.5%13,1%13.2%12.9%12.2%


  • Earnings (in millions of euros)
    Gross operating income13,26011,93313,21714,03313,684
    Operating income10,0579,16910,31010,7719,787
    Pre-tax income11,39410,20811,31011,21010,379
    Net income Group share8,1737,5267,7597,7026,694


  • Net income (in millions of euros)


  • Return on equity (in %)

    Return on equity is calculated by dividing net income attributable to equity holders (adjusted for interest on Undated Super Subordinated Notes issued by BNP Paribas SA, treated as a dividend for accounting purposes and adjusted for the foreign exchange effect on redeemed Undated Super Subordinated Notes) by average permanent shareholders’ equity, not revaluated, between the beginning of the year and the end of the year (shareholders’ equity attributable to equity holders adjusted for changes in assets and liabilities recognised directly in equity, Undated Super Subordinated Notes, remuneration net of tax payable to holders of Undated Super Subordinated Notes and proposed distribution of dividends).


  • Earnings per share (in euros)

    Earnings per share is Based on net income Group share adjusted for interest on Undated Super Subordinated Notes deemed equivalent to preferred shares issued by BNP Paribas SA and treated as a dividend for accounting purposes.

  • Market Capitalization as at 31 of December (in billions of euros)

    Source Bloomberg  

Source : 2019 Universal registration document and annual financial report