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Become a shareholder


If you choose to keep your BNP Paribas shares in a registered account, you must call BNP Paribas Securities Services on 0800 600 700 (from abroad, dial +33 1 40 14 80 37)


If you prefer to hold "bearer" shares, your order must go through a financial intermediary with which you have (or will have) opened a securities account. This intermediary will provide you with the practical details of how to place orders and the fees that apply.


As a financial intermediary, BNP Paribas itself is authorised to receive all stock market orders. All that you need do is to send a signed order to the branch where you have an account. The applicable fees and transaction costs are available at all branches.


In addition, BNP Paribas provides online banking services as a complement to the services provided at your branch. You can obtain information, track your accounts, manage your securities portfolios and carry out transactions rapidly, easily and remotely - via the Web, over the telephone, or via your mobile phone.


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