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Become a shareholder




Anyone buying shares in bearer form becomes a BNP Paribas shareholder. Shares held in bearer form are managed by the bank or by the financial institution chosen by the shareholder.

Shareholders holding BNP Paribas bearer shares can request the conversion of their shares into registered shares (pure or administered form).




BNP Paribas Shareholders holding registered shares as at 31 December 2017 are 28,256.


Pure registered shares

Shareholders holding pure registered shares benefit from:

  • possibility to receive all communication and information published by BNP Paribas to the attention of its shareholders;
  • toll free number (France only): 0800 600 700 to transmit your stock exchange orders and for all information;
  • preferential brokerage fees: 0.30% up to EUR 330,000.00 and 0.20% beyond (with a minimum of EUR 7.00) – pre-tax value;
  • the use of the specific and secure “PlanetShares” website ( allowing you to review the history of your transactions, consult the amount of your disposals and transmit orders(1). You can access the website from your tablet and smartphone;
  • automatic receipt of notice of General Meeting of Shareholders, without establishing a participation certificate;
  • invitation on the internet to the General Meeting of Shareholders (“e-convocation”);
  • no custodial fees.


Holding pure registered shares in an equity savings plan (PEA) is not highly recommended due to the taxation applicable to this account. Shareholders whose BNP Paribas shares are held within a PEA can transfer them to a registered account and choose to hold them as administered registered shares.


Administered registered shares

BNP Paribas has also developed its shareholding offer of administered registered shares for its institutional shareholders. For those investors, this choice of shareholding combines the main advantages of both bearer and pure registered forms:

  • the shares can be purchased and sold at any time through the shareholder’s usual broker;
  • possibility of holding a single share account, linked to the cash account;
  • systematic invitation to exercise the right of vote and participation to General Meetings of Shareholders, without any intermediaries;
  • invitation to the General Meetings of Shareholders and to exercise the right of vote on the internet (“e-convocation”).


(1) subject to the subscription (free of charge) of a "contract for market benefits"