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Questions / Answers

  • How to obtain information on the Group?

    We invite you to follow the news about the Group:

    • by visiting our Corporate website;
    • by contacting the Investor Relations Department at the following number : +33 (0) 1 40 14 63 58 or by email:;
    • by reading the financial news and events published by the Group;
    • by consulting the documents available on our Website or on request.
  • How to become shareholder?
    • If you wish to become a BNP Paribas shareholder and own part of its capital we invite you to buy at least one share.
    • Shareholders may hold BNP Paribas shares in two different ways: as "registered" shares or as "bearer" shares.
    • Please consult the page Become a shareholder
  • How to find BNP Paribas share price on a specific date?

    This information can be found on “BNP Paribas Share”, “Share Price”.

  • What is the nominal value of a BNP Paribas share?

    The nominal value of a BNP Paribas share is 2.00 euros.

  • Has BNP Paribas set up an ADR program?

    A 144A ADR program has been active in the USA since the privatisation of BNP in 1993. This program was upgraded to Level 1 on 17 March 2000, providing wider access to US investors.
    Since the two-for-one share-split on 20 February 2002, 2 ADRs have represented 1 BNP Paribas share.

    For further information, please check our page about ADR.

  • Where are BNP Paribas shares listed?

    BNP Paribas shares are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN code = FR0000131104, eligible for Euronext's Deferred Settlement Service). The shares are also traded on SEAQ International in London, in Milan on the MTA International and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • What prices had to be used when declaring capital gains realized in 1999 with respect to the BNP Paribas share exchange operations?

    Concerning the first share exchange offer (also accompanied by Contingent Value Rights -Certificats de Valeur Garantie- whose cost price is then deemed to be zero -) which ended on August 6, 1999, the starting price of the BNP share was 74.4 euros (FRF 488.03) -the opening price on August 23, 1999-, equal to an exchange value for the Paribas share of 107,88 euros (or FRF 707,65).

    Concerning the Simplified Offer ended October 21, 1999, the price adopted for the BNP share was 85 euros (FRF 557.56) -the opening price on November 4, 1999- equal to a transfer value of the Paribas share fixed at 123.25 euros (FRF 808.47).

  • BNP Paribas is a share which may be traded under the "Differed Settlement Service" system. What is then the amount of the deposit to be made as a guarantee for a purchase operation?

    This coverage must be equivalent to 20% if it is made up of liquid assets, Treasury bills or mutual funds mainly constituted of cash; the percentage is raised to 25% if composed of listed bonds , marketable securities or mutual funds for this latter type of assets. If your coverage is made up of listed shares or mutual funds invested in shares, the guarantee must cover 40% of the planned purchase. In fact, your broker or financial intermediary is free to determine a higher coverage if deemed more appropriate.

  • Does BNP Paribas publish a report on activity and corporate responsibility?

    BNP Paribas publishes an integrated report that gathers the Annual Report and the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It is available in the “Financial reports” section of the site under “Reports on activity and corporate responsibility (Annual/CSR)”.

  • Who are the Statutory Auditors of BNP Paribas’ accounts?

    The Statutory Auditors are:

    Deloitte Associés
    Represented by Damien Leurent

    PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit
    Represented by Etienne Boris

    Represented by Hervé Helias

  • In terms of the tax on capital for 2016, which valuation should I take into account for the BNP Paribas share?

    You have the choice of using either:

    • the last known price as of 31 December 2016: 60.55 euros,
    • or the average closing prices of the last thirty market sessions in 2012: 58.17 euros.
  • The taxation of assets
  • Documents about the Annual General Shareholders Meetings

    To find out more about the AGM visit Documents of the AGM