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How to fill in the proxy or the correspondence voting form ?


A - You wish to attend the Meeting in person


B - You cannot attend and you wish to vote by correspondence or by proxy


C - You give your proxy to the Chairman of the Meeting


D - You vote by correspondence

- Each numbered box represents the draft resolutions,
- Each empty box represents a YES vote,
- Each blackened box represents a NO vote or an abstention (to abstain is equivalent to voting No);


D' - This box is to be used to vote for resolutions presented by the shareholders and not registered by the Board of Directors


D'' - This box corresponds to amendments or new resolutions proposed during the Meeting


E - You give your proxy to a person - an individual or a legal entity - you have chosen (your spouse or any other person attending the meeting):


F - Please indicate your surname, first name and address


Z - This box must show a date and a signature for all shareholders